The Wowzi Journey: Connecting The Dots

When you come up with an idea and you talk to the market and you see how it gets translated into a solution, it's magic.

Brian Mogeni and his Co-Founders Mike Otieno and Hassan Bashir wanted to connect capacity and opportunity and the greatest insight that came by was that 'People trust People,' The major question was, how could they organize word of mouth? This marked the beginning of Wowzi.
Wowzi is a globally leading technology company that enables SMEs, multinationals, creative agencies, research companies and NGOs ... push brand messages and pull consumer insights from trusted influencers shaping the trends that drive African commerce. Join us on this episode as Brian Mogeni, Co-Founder & CEO takes us back in time and gives us a glimpse into his life growing up and connects it to where he is now. Did you know he wanted to either be a professional footballer, a host on Top Gear or an entrepreneur? Get to see how he connects the dots from his passion for sports to his first job as an intern in Accenture to a critical point in his career at Easy Taxi to how they bootstrapped to build Wowzi. This story perfectly illustrates that all of our experiences serve a purpose and are instrumental in how we turn out presently and in our future! This is the Wowzi Journey, Part 1

Guest Brian Mogeni
Date 23rd August 2022
Length 1:05:08