Embracing the Disruptive Nature of Entrepreneurship

"Be comfortable with failure. Fail at this, fail at that and keep failing but just make sure that you learn from them"
Eerik was an adventurous young man who grew up in a small town in rural Estonia where he tried his hand at everything from lawn mowing to being an infantry team lead to even opening a bar before going on to being the Co-Founder & CEO of Planet42 based in South Africa. Join him and Mark as they delve into his journey of discovery in various fields before settling in Planet42 which offers a social inclusive car subscription service. They offer us their experiences with dealing with stereotypes which have been proven to pull people back from associating on the basic human level. Eerik shows us that a person cannot be one thing but he/she can embrace the changes along the way to find out what they enjoy doing. Truly, you never know until you try!

Guest Eerik Oja
Date 26th May2022
Length 55:20