The 'Founder-Problem Fit' Approach

The most overlooked aspect by entrepreneurs

One of my challenges was realizing I didn't need to have just technical skills... As a founder I need to know how to pitch"
Idorenyin Obong or as we'd like to call him 'The Writing Techie' found himself in a situation that a lot of founders find themselves before their light bulb moment: A problem without a solution. ... The process of accessing payment via foreign currencies was a thorn in his flesh and so many other entrepreneurs. His intuition led him to start a company that grew from it's original mission which was to solve the problem in Nigeria but now looks to scale continentally beginning with Kenya.
From its original name Aboki Africa to it's new identity Grey, Grey seeks to provide foreign accounts to people in Africa to ease transacting in foreign currencies. This is a story of the famous founder-problem fit. It takes a founder to deeply understand a problem for them to have groundbreaking answers and learn new trades as they forge ahead. Join him and our host, Mark Karake as they take a walk down memory lane through Idorenyin's founding journey

Guest Idorenyin Obong
Date 5th August 2022
Length 59:30