Building Middle East and Africa's first Super API for a comprehensive payment solution

Nader started out as a curious young man in the 1990s, intrigued by technology. He decided to pursue engineering in order to build and create solutions. Through his passion for understanding the tech world, he discovered that knowledge alone is not enough, but knowledge must be paired with practical solutions to have an impact on the market.... With the passion of creating a more seamless payment system, he began his journey of holistic learning, which started with blockchain technology and ended with the birth of Money Hash: a cloud-based payment operating system dedicated to making payments easier.
Follow him and our host as they discuss the inception of Money Hash, and the importance of creating solutions for emerging markets as the future of technology. As a startup founder, Nader also shares his views on culture and the importance of understanding employees to build the right company culture. He argues that understanding the needs of your employees is essential in creating a productive work environment. This is an eye opening discussion that most certainly requires a pen and paper.

Guest Nader Abdelrazik
Date 22nd September 2022
Length 1:00:53