Betting on Solar Energy to Address Climate Change and Impact Lives

"Climate change disproportionately affects those who are least contributors to it, who happens to be the small holder farmers in emerging markets,"

Samir Ibrahim growing up as a child of immigrants in Orlando, Florida was reminded by his parents of the opportunities he had that his parents didn't have. He knew from the onset of his journey that it was important to use his opportunities to help others.... Listen in as our host, Mark Karake sits down with Samir, Co-Founder & CEO of Sun Culture and dives into his journey of how he ended up building Sunculture and involved in climate action.
Hear how his experience living in Orlando and schooling at NYU shaped his worldview, how his 10 year plan actually became a month plan and how he landed on the insight that launched Sunculture along with lessons he learned. Samir showcases to us the aspect of taking time in building startups and reinforces that every company journey is different which is not a norm in media. He also speaks to how he has evolved from being unsure of himself to building a company with 370 people.
This is a must listen!

Guest Samir Ibrahim
Date 7th September 2022
Length 59:30