A New Era of Businesses with Social Impact

I think we are entering a new era where businesses can't ignore their social impact ~ Tracey Turner
Growing up, Tracey just like many young people, did not have a clear path for what career she wanted to pursue. She was ambitious and spontaneous and had a stint of wanting to pursue so much including being an astronaut and even a fighter pilot. However, at that time women could not be fighter pilots. Years down the line, Tracey is now a renowned entrepreneur and seasoned business executive with a knack for social impact! Dive into the podcast and get to hear her back story ranging from her passion for entrepreneurship, how she balances her life as a the Founder and Chairperson of Copia Global while being a mother to her three children; and the journey of building Copia including the lessons she learned along the way.

Guest Tracey Turner
Date 24th June 2022
Length 55:20