My father had plans for me but I wasn't keen on that... he wasn't very happy to support me.

For a lot of young Africans this statement isn't new to them. It's not easy chattering your path against your parents' will. So many questions are already asked to us in the startup world about the description of our work and for a lot of us there's really no easy way to explain.
Yele Oyekola is most certainly not a stranger to this reality however unlike most, he isn't one to back down from his ambition and one word we can use to describe him is decisive. ... From financing his own studies in the UK against his father's wishes, to getting into fintech in the UN, to working at Carbon and finally co-founding Duplo a B2B buy now pay later product in Nigeria, Yele's story is one of resilience, boldness and absolutely giving zero care to what others think. "The worst that can happen is you'll get broke, but you'll be fine" Can we acquire this attitude? Join him and Mark as they delve into how Yele made money through shoe making to pay for his school and his experience learning about fintech from the ground up. Enjoy.

Guest Yele-Oyekola
Date 1st September 2022
Length 59:30