Scaling Fintech in Africa

The reality in Africa is that if you really want to scale today, you need to run a hybrid strategy, meaning digital and part physical. ~Timothy Nuy
Meet Timothy Nuy, a man who was always intrigued and interested in business in the financial services space. Hear how he started as a call centre agent and moved to African Development Bank to My Bucks to now the Co-Founder and CEO of Finclusion Group. Catch a glimpse of how he aims to transform financial services in Africa through the buy and build strategy of Finclusion Group. Want to learn more about the skillset necessary for an effective turnaround model and the complexities of lending in Africa, then this is a must-listen! A true eye-opener to the world of financial services. Enjoy!

Guest Timothy Nuy
Date 9th June 2022
Length 54:22